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Fixed price stores are a global trend and as per many leading trend watchers offer one of the fastest growing business opportunities in retail.

In USA fixed price stores are popularly known as Dollar Stores and offer a huge range of merchandise spanning across categories at a fixed price point of one dollar. These stores hence offer an unique blend of convenience and great value for money a proposition few formats of retail are able to offer making the dollar store industry a rapidly growing and multi billion dollar segment within the organized retail industry in USA.

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MyDollarStore Inc, a USA based Dollarstore chain after having mastered the technique of fixed price selling in USA decided to implement this concept across the major economies of the globe thru the franchisee model.

In August 2004 MyDollarStore made its foray into India with Sankalp Retail Value Stores (SRVS) as Master Franchisee, launching its first store in Mumbai, India, pioneering the concept of retailing quality international products at a fixed price point of Rs.99.

Shopping will never be the same again! No longer does one have to wait for relatives staying abroad to visit them bearing imported goodies. No longer is an Indian housewife’s experience inferior to that of her Western counterpart. Indians can now enjoy the finest of international brands and high quality items, at the best bargain prices, ever.

Shopping is fun at MyDollarStore. Crazy deals, bundle offers, seasonal promotions – there is something happening at the stores at all times. The frequent changes and up-gradation of merchandise add to the excitement. Shopping at MyDollarStore is akin to a treasure hunt – one never knows when one hits upon the most unimaginable of deals.
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